Life Insurance


Life Insurance is the one of the most important elements of the financial planning for every responsible person. Presence of the Life Insurance in your portfolio provides financial protection for your loved ones should your life journey end prematurely.

Many families underestimate importance of Life Insurance – The Shield that protects family assets and pays for financial obligations after the unexpected. Also it provides feeling of security along with a calming relief after home, auto and other loans are paid off. Besides that, Life Insurance provides coverage for lost income and becomes a new financial source for your family future expenses.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most affordable Insurance Option and provides coverage for a specified period of time using a fixed rate. Term Life is primarily used as The Shield when a family is young and has a home mortgage, auto loans, business loans, and other similar obligations. While 20 or 30 years coverage is usually preferred by young couples, Term Life is available in varying time periods starting with a 1 year renewable term. Such flexibility helps to satisfy specific needs for specific periods of life. The majority of a Term Life Insurance policy can be converted to a more permanent version, such as Whole Life or Universal Life.


Whole Life

Whole Life Shield

Whole Life Shield is a more advanced version of Term Life Insurance. This Shield is your companion through your entire life journey. The first Layer of the Whole Life Shield provides the same coverage as Term Life, but instead of a specified period of time it stays in force for your lifetime. Second Layer builds up cash value over time and generates tax-deferred income by a fixed rate of interest or dividends. Combining these two layers, the Whole Life Shield provides even more security comparing to Term Life as it accumulates financial strength while protecting family assets.


Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance works almost the same way as Whole Life with a few additional features. This Shield has two layers as well, but gives more flexibility. It allows you to adjust policy payments or even skip one or two using your cash value account. Also, it allows you to change the policy coverage amount and borrow against the cash value that was accumulated over time.

Every person is unique and we take great care to analyze your current situation with the utmost attention to your needs and expectations. We will help you to reveal the full potential of Life Insurance and design the path which will allow you to fulfill your life purpose even after you are gone. Do not leave the future of your loved ones to chance.

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