“Home, Sweet Home”
“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like Home”
“Home is where the heart is”

These famous words exalt and immortalize the importance of the home. All our innermost feelings, affection and best memories are concentrated in that one little place in the world, the place we call Home. Home serves as a fortress to us, our freedom and deeds.

Home is the place where you and your family feel safe. One of the most important aspects for safety of your home is the presence of The Shield – Homeowners Insurance. It provides the utmost security for your investment and absorbs financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft and other unfortunate events.

Do I have enough coverage for my home? Does my home insurance cover flood and earthquake? How I can get coverage for my Grand Piano or my antique Standing clock? This is the time for our Safe Shield Insurance agent to analyze your current needs and design a new Shield that will properly cover your Home.

Home Insurance Shield Layers

Dwelling Coverage
This is the most important layer of your homeowners insurance that pays to rebuild or repair the physical structure of your home when it was damaged by covered peril.

Other Structures Coverage
This layer covers structures that are located on your property, but separated from a dwelling by a clear space or connected to a dwelling by a fence, utility line or other types of connections. Examples: detached garage, tool shed, gazebo, swimming pool, driveway or fence.

Personal Property Coverage
The content of your home is covered by this layer and includes appliances, furniture, clothing and other personal belongings. Some items have limitations and require appropriate coverage forms in order to be covered for their full replacement value. Examples: money, jewelry, art, furs, etc.

Loss of Use Coverage
The cost of additional living expenses is covered by this layer. When a dwelling becomes uninhabitable after a loss caused by covered peril, you will be reimbursed for any expenses associated with rent, meals and other necessities. This coverage allows you to maintain a normal standard of living.

Personal liability Coverage
This layer provides financial protection for you and your family. It covers claims or lawsuits arising out of bodily injury and property damage to others caused by the accident on your property. Also it covers accidents away from your residence caused by your household family members.

Medical Payments
This layer is designed to cover injuries to others who were accidentally injured on your property by you or a household member, including an animal owned by you or in your care, whether on your property or elsewhere. Medical Payments is a form of no-fault coverage and those who were injured do not have to prove you were negligent.

Insuring your House properly is one of the most important tasks you have to take into consideration and having Safe Shield Insurance Agency on your side makes this task easy and efficient.

We purchase different things every day. Usually, we get what we pay for and home insurance is not an exception. The cheapest options will not give you desirable or necessary coverage to keep your family safe. It will not be a pleasant discovery to find that there is not enough coverage and a larger part of the claim has to be paid out of your own pocket

Reviewing your policy on a yearly basis will give you confidence and peace of mind that your House coverage is up to date and your family properly protected. To maximize the protection of your assets, you may consider the Personal Umbrella Policy that may give you coverage for a $1,000,000 and cost only $1/day or less.

Our agency aids with obtaining coverage for Renters, Condo, Mobile Homes and and other types of Personal Property

Thank you for your interest in home insurance!

We look forward to talking to you soon!

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