Can I get a reasonable price? Do I have good coverage? How much car insurance do I really need? Am I covered if my car will be stolen or vandalized? Many more similar questions will arise when we buy a new car or our auto insurance needs are changing. We need confidence that our family and our assets are protected after an auto accident.

Auto Insurance is The Shield that absorbs financial loss and protects you and your loved ones from unexpected expenses that usually follow an auto accident.

Do I have a Reliable Shield? Is it weak or full of breaches? This is the time for a Safe Shield Insurance agent to analyze your current needs and design a new Shield that will properly cover your Auto.

Auto Insurance Shield Layers

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
This layer covers the cost of all injuries and property damage that you are obligated to compensate if an accident happened due to your fault. This coverage is required by most states.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
This layer covers your personal injuries and damage to your vehicle when you were hit by a driver who does not have auto insurance or their insurance policy does not have enough coverage

Medical Payments
All injuries to you and others in your vehicle will be covered by this layer up to the policy limits, regardless of fault

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
PIP is very similar to Medical Payments, but besides coverage for injuries, it covers lost wages and household maintenance expenses

Covers costs to fix or replace your vehicle after an accident that involved another car and an accident that happened due to your fault

Recognized as “Other than Collision” and covers damage to your car that was caused by animal, vandalism or theft

Rental Reimbursement
Usually pays up to $50 per day to rent a replacement vehicle if yours is being repaired in the shop after an auto accident

Towing and Roadside Assistance
When your vehicle becomes disabled, this layer provides coverage for emergency roadside assistance to get your vehicle back on the road or to get your vehicle to the shop for repairs

Loan Gap
In the event of total loss, Loan Gap coverage will pay the balance of your loan, if greater than the actual cash value of the vehicle.

We purchase different things every day. Some of them cost a few dimes, some of them - hundreds or thousands of dollars. Usually, we get what we pay for and auto insurance is not an exception. The cheapest options will not give you desirable or necessary coverage to keep your family safe. It will not be a pleasant discovery to find that there is not enough coverage and a larger part of the claim has to be paid out of your own pocket.

Reviewing your policy on a yearly basis will give you confidence and peace of mind that your auto coverage is up to date and your family is properly protected. To maximize protection for your assets you may consider the Personal Umbrella Policy that may give you coverage for a $1,000,000 and cost only $1/day or less.

Our agency aids with obtaining coverage for Motorcycles, Motorhomes, Boats and other Recreational Vehicles

Thank you for your interest in auto insurance!

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